改性PVC粒料系列产品 Modified PVC Granules 无锡嘉弘塑料科技有限公司 官方网站

Special soft PVC compound

Special colored soft PVC compound for Injection

PVC compound for extrusion board or sheet

Double-color Co-extrusion PVC compound for Windows & Doors Profiles

Co-extrusion (Surface Coated) PVC compound for board or profiles

PVC Granules for Transparent Medical Appliance

PVC Granules for Transparent Containers

Special PVC Granules for IC Packing Pipes

Special Co-extrusion PVC Granules for Labels on Supermarket Shelves

Special Injection PVC Granules for UPVC Pipe Fittings

Modified Engineering Plastics Based On PVC

Rigid and Black Conductive PVC Compound

Special Granules for Color PVC Containers Blown or Extruded

改性工程塑料系列产品 Modified Engineering plastics 无锡嘉弘塑料科技有限公司 官方网站


Modified PA6


Modified PA66


Modified PP


Modified ABS


PC-ABS Alloy


Modified PC


Modified PBT


Modified PET


Modified HIPS


Modified PPO



公司在工程塑料改性研发方面已有近20年的历史,研究生产改性工程塑料(PA、PP、PBT、PC+ABS、PVC+ABS、PPO等),产品主要用于汽车、家电、电脑数码、电动工具、休闲设备等方面,拥有ISO9001质量管理体系认证。 公司通过与四川大学国家高分子重点实验室、川大无锡石墨烯高分子材料应用研发中心和石墨烯材料制备企业无锡第六元素的全面合作,形成了上游材料制备企业、国家高分子重点学术单位、应用开发单位的无缝对接,重点致力于石墨烯在PA、PC、PS、PPO、PE、PP、PVC等工程塑料中导电、导热、增强等方面改性的产业化应用。


Since Wuxi Jiahong Plastics Technology CO.,Ltd (originally Xishan City Plastic I Factory) transformed into PVC granulation product industry in 1988, for nearly 30 years of production and market development, we have accumulated mature PVC mixture production experience and gained a higher market share and reliability. Owning a full set of high production yield granulation system and multiple sets of granulation equipment of various types which are introduced from German Barton Verder Co., Ltd, various of transparent and colored hard and soft PVC granules (PVC compound) material we produced can meet many production process requirements, such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and injection stretch blow molding and so on, with the annual production capacity of over 10,000 tons. The scale of production and the advanced production techniques ensure the stability and high-quality of the product performance. The major processing functions of the existing rubber in our company are: food and drink and pure water packaging containers, pet food and leisure suppliers and industrial blow molding packages, daily extract supplier containers, integrated circuit (IC) packaging tubes, supermarket shelves bathroom furniture decorative accessories, heat shrinkable packaging and labeling film, pipeline and pipe valve environmental engineering accessories, motors (trains) vehicles series of specialized plastic accessories, one-off medical equipment components and peripheral accessories(rigid&clear pvc granules), electrical engineering switches panel isolative and flame-resistance products etc. With the advanced production equipments, excellent product quality,high-qualified work force, scientific and strict management and perfect services, our company has been the highly-trusted partner of other well-known manufacturers of plastics and relevant industries.

Wuxi Jiahong Plastics has researched and developed the engineering plastic modification for almost 20 years and focused on the research and production of modified engineering plastic (PA, PP, PBT, PC+ABS, PVC+ABS, PPO etc.) and the products thereof are mainly applied to the automobile, home appliances, digital appliances, electric tools and recreational facilities. And our company has been audited to conform to the quality management system standard ISO9001. Through the comprehensive cooperation with the Sichuan University National Polymer Key Lab, the Sichuan University Wuxi Graphene Polymer Material Application, Research and Development Center and the Graphene Material Preparation Enterprise Sixth Element, Wuxi Kangxi has formed seamless connection among the upstream material preparing enterprise, the national polymer key academic unit and the application and development unit and focused on the modified industrial application of the graphene in engineering plastics such as PA, PC, PS, PPO, PE, PP, PVC with respect to the conductivity, heat conduction and reinforcement.

All of our company staff welcome new and old customers' coming on the Shore of Taihu Lake, and hope that our products and services will offer you with forceful help in your market competition and vigorous future.

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